yoshiki sony 2 Yoshiki, the Japanese musician and composer who has filled stadiums around the world with his rock band X Japan, broke off from rehearsals at Sony Studios to talk with members of the HFPA about his latest world tour.

For the first time Yoshiki is touring as a classical pianist with a six-string orchestra and vocalist, to, as he says, “express my softer side.”

The ten country tour takes in London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai and several North American cities.

“This is the first time I am touring as a pianist and a classical composer so it’s a little different,” he said. “I am excited and nervous so the first shows could be very experimental. But there are no boundaries between genre when it comes to music. Classical music is just a basic music format.

“I call this tour Part One because if it goes well I may be touring more countries.”

Yoshiki, who started playing the piano when he was four years old, has a special connection with the HFPA, having composed the theme to the Golden Globes show.  Yoshiki Sony

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