courtney love   HFPA members crowded into the association’s conference room at its West Hollywood offices for the visit of Courtney Love, the musician-actress who has been variously described as talented, tragic, Machiavellian or simply mad.

And the 50-year-old didn’t disappoint. In a wide ranging discussion which was part of the HFPA’s Round Table series, she talked freely about her past indiscretions, her life today and her new role in the TV series Sons of Anarchy which, she says, has “bailed me out of actor jail.”

The former punk princess, who once worked as an exotic dancer, looks in great shape and says: “Physically I’m older and I don’t do drugs anymore but I have a monkey on my back which is smoking but I’m trying to quit. So the drugs have passed and I gave up caffeine but the nicotine is still very predominant and smoking is the last sin I need to get rid of.

“Well, I have many sins but there’s no sin in sex. It’s good exercise.”